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about VVS DEvelopers

Home is the place which encompasses our fondest joys, unforgettable moments and memorable times. We want it to be perfect because we want the best for those we love. Be it the tiniest knob or the kitchen plan, the tiles or balcony views, a power point, everything has to be just right. The home has to be designed around our dreams, it has to mirror our tastes and reflect our aspirations.

Our Key Drivers
‘Drawings, more drawings, hours of pondering over the finer points, personal involvement like it was our own’. It’s this seamless attention we bring to every aspect that makes an apartment a home.
Effective use of space, contemporary yet Vasthu compliant planning and refined aesthetics create living spaces that elevate the art of living. Windows open out to beautiful views and let in plenty of natural light. Specifications showcase elegance and value. 
Our commitment is towards doing everything we can to bring you such a home. Ideas, inspiration and imagination converge in the creation of invitingly vibrant homes.

The Feeling we seek to Create

At VVS Developers, we stand by our motto and slogan, 'Affordable Luxury '. The homes we deliver are of utmost quality with amenities that will enhance your lifestyle and will make you swell with pride at the mention of the word “Home”.
Our aim is to augment the lifestyles of the residents by providing quality living, exalted luxury and amenities that reflect opulence. Our homes revolve around the aspirations of each person to have a place called “home” which also creates memories for them.
From high-end luxury homes to modest residences, we provide a holistic range to help you choose a home that fits your needs. We believe in each person’s right to have a comfortable, luxurious home that you can come back to and spend memorable moments with your family within a secure environment. Our efforts are to primarily re-create this luxury, provide comfort and create a good feeling.