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A living so comfortable, you wouldn’t forego for anything else; this is VVS Greens in a gist.  Along with the luxurious lifestyle our homes provide, you can enjoy nature with ample fresh air and beautiful sunlight to brighten your mornings and liven up your day.

VVS Greens  is a  perfect  place to rejuvenate your soul,   immerse  yourself  in the  serene  green expanse  and  pamper  yourself  with  the plush amenities. Luxury homes crafted to suit your personal taste in a truly beautiful setting, offer a lifestyle that is both exclusive and superior. A home so elegant, you wouldn’t want to step out but yet be spoilt for choices because of it being located in the plush Jubilee Hills area and with so much to do and adjoining the prestigious Jubilee Hills club which is frequented by the elite of the city.

VVS Greens has 5 luxurious 4 bed room apartments and each of which provides a fantastic view of the city. It is very close to the shopping hub of Jubilee Hills and in close proximity to Hi Tech city besides being close to the famous KBR park. And, after a hectic work day, all you need is a home that ensures privacy and space to relax and spend quality time with your family. VVS Greens is the ideal